Danish Stainless Steel

There were many companies producing kitchenware in Denmark at the time, including  Kalmar, Nordsteel Lundtofte and Stelton. Most items were made with 18/8 steel (an indication of the chromium/nickel content).


Stelton - Stellan and Carton were two friends who formed one of Denmark’s best-know design brands, Stelton. Niels Stellan Høm and Carton Madelaire were army pals who had previously tried their hand at sports shoes and furniture, but their business did not really take off until they heard about a small factory in Fårevejle, Denmark, called Danish Stainless.


Danish Stainless produced stainless steel tableware, which was very much in vogue in Denmark during the 1960s.

Midcentury Danish Stainless Steel & Teak