Holmegaards Glasvaerk

The Danish Glass Factory Holmegaard was founded in 1825.  It initially produced bottles, then tableware.  It was howvever during the post war period that Holmegaard started to become hugely successful, with its importance being sustained until the present day.  Its success was predominantly due to the talent of its designers and in particular Jacob Bang (1899-1965) , his son Michael (Born 1944) and Per Lütken (1942-98). 

Jacob was artisitic director for many years.  His innovative designs and avant garde styles gave a unique individuality to Danish glass. The designs of Lütken like Næbevase, Unamak, the iconic Gulvæse and the Carnaby range can be found in almost every Danish household.  Michael Bang, who worked at Björn Wiinblad's workshop and at Royal Copenhagen, is perhaps best known for his Palette range and glass lighting.  

In 1965 Kastrup Glasvaerk merged with Holmegaard until 1976.

Holmegaard Per Lutken
Holmegaard Carnaby Vase
Holmegaard Michael Bang
Holmegaard Per Lutken
Holmegaard Per Lutken Skjold
Holmegaard Per Lutken Rondo & Minuet
Holmegaard Michael Bang Clover Leaf
Holmegaard Michael Bang
Kastrup Holmegaard Suncatcher Heart Motif
Holmegaard Gulvvase
Michael Bang for Holmegaard Denmark