Ipsens Enke Bornholm Denmark

This Danish factory was established on the island of Bornholm in 1843 by Rasmus Peter Ipsen.  It produced heavily decorated Victorian pottery and progressed to the production of many kinds of modern items, both functional, decorative and studio. Added to this wide product range was the roll of artisan potters who worked at the factory.  These included Georg Jensen, Thorvald Bindesboll and Axel Saltø(1889-1961). Kai Nielsen (painter and sculptor, 1882-1924) Lauritz Jensen (1859-1935 sculptor) Jens Ferdinand Willumsen (1863-1958 painter) Ellen Locher (1883-1956, sculptor) Axel Sørensen (1891-1967 potter) Axel Jensen (sculptor) Bode Willumsen (1895-1987 sculptor and potter) Arno Malinowski (1899-1976 sculptor) Charles Boegh (sculptor) Adam Thylstrup (sculptor) Niels Norvil (sculptor and potter) Arne Bang (1901-1983 sculptor and potter) Johannes Hedegaard (1915-1999 sculptor)

The factory marks include P.I (1843-50) P. Ipsen(1850-70) P.Ipsen eneret (Exclusive) (1871-1917) P.I.E. (with a crown)(1918-55). Occasionally the artists initials appear also.

P. Ipsens Enke Denmark Chr Joachim