Peder Terkelsen Hald

Peder Hald  (1892-1987) was a Danish civil engineeer, painter, sculptor and ceramist. His sister Margrethe Hald was a renowned weaver and textile historian.  Peder qualified as an engineer in 1917, shortly thereafter studying painting under Harald Giersing, who was instrumental in developing the classic modernism movement in Denmark around 1910-1920. Giersing is remembered as one of Denmark's most important 20th century artists both for his portraits and landscapes. In 1925 Hald joined the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, where he both taught  and ran their colour technical laboratory. One of his students was Axel Salto. Hald also opened his own studio in 1943, producing stoneware items.  He wrote various books on painting and ceramics and travelled in South America and Burma doing experimental ceramic work.  

Peder Hald Stoneware Vase