Michel Folscheid

Michel Folscheid was born 10 December 1919 in Chouzy-sur-Cisse. He studied at the Versailles Horticultural school and later became a talented ceramist and enameller. He was a leading specialist in icons in France (25,000 manufactured). He was married to the leading harpsichordist Simone Folscheid. He died at his home in Vouvray, Touraine in the Loire region in April 2014. One of his many works, the Way of the Cross, is visible in the church of Rochecorbon.


Mentioned in Delahaye's 1965 edition of Artisan et Createurs de France, Folscheid had a studio in a troglodyte dwelling. He mainly produced religious subjects and the studio was known as "Emaux de Saint-Michel-du-Roc.

Michel Folschied Enamelled Ceramic Icon