Nagel Metallbau

Paul Nagel opened a factory in 1921 in Wesseling, Germany which produced doors and windows. In the 1950s his son Hans took over and the company became Nagel Matallbau. Hans Nagel and his friend architect Werner Stoff designed a modulable system of candleholders, made from moulded nickel and a zinc aluminium alloy. Known as S22, the candleholders were marketed from 1967, with great success.  Other companies produced variations - Bayerische Metallwarenfabrik (BMF) made the Combi Leuchter, FW Quist (one of four factories which had produced helmets for the German army during WWII) produced the Variomaster, Hammonia (Latin name for Hamburg) Motard produced the Vogelflug (Bird in Flight) range and items were made with chrome, gold and copper finishes. The factory Paul Nagel Gmbh currently produces luxury decorative items, mainly in glass.

Nagel Metal Candleholders Boxed Set