Pukeberg Glass

Founded in 1871 in Nybro, Sweden by master glassblower Conrad Nyström, who had worked at Kosta and Boda glassworks, the word "Puke" means both "hump" but also "Troll Spirit".  The word Berg refers to Mountain.  It seems that there was a building of this name in the locality during the 19th century.


The company originally made glass for oil lamps and continued this right through until 1977.  It is perhaps better known for its 1960s and 70s cast  and hand-pressed glass produced by several  well-known designers. These include Uno Westerberg 1935 - 1978, Göran Wärff 1958 - 1964, who later moved to Kosta with his wife Ann. (She had worked on graphic design for the company and was responsible for designing the company logo).  Eva Englund also worked for Pukeberg in the 1960s and Erik Hoglund briefly in the 1970s.

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