Arcopal French Vintage Kitchenware. Arcopal France, created in 1958, was one of the first brand names launched by ARC International. Now discontinued, the company is famous for glass and dinnerware brands worldwide, such as Luminarc, Cristal d'Arques and Mikasa.


Arcopal France dinnerware is five times stronger than china. It is durable, fully tempered, break and chip resistant glassware. When damaged it breaks into small sized pieces and does not shatter - this is why it is called safety glass.

Arcopal French Vintage Kitchenware
Arcopal Mobil Mugs
Arcopal Lotus Pattern
Arcopal Polka Dot Pattern
Arcopal Soleil Pattern
Arcopal Scania Pattern
Arcopal French Vintage Kitchenware