Jersey Pottery
Jersey Pottery Dish
Jersey Pottery
Jersey Pottery Chalice
Jersey Pottery

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Jersey Pottery

Item No: G12/13/14/15/22

This pottery began in 1954.  It was owned by the Jones family for many years.  Producing mainly tourist ware and utility items, the pottery was very successful during the 60s and 70s. Today the pottery has a successful range of production.  


Here is a small selection of  vintage Jersey Pottery

1)  Mini Jug 2.5in high  £8

2) Large Stoneware Dish 9in diameter SOLD

3) Flower Frog/Posy Holder 4in high £10

4) Wide Flower Frog/ Posy Holder 2.5 high, 5 wide £12

5) Chalice type Vase 4.75in high £10

Price on request

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