Claude Bleynie
Claude Bleynie

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Claude Bleynie Wool Tapestry

Item No: DT82

This is a woven tapestry made in pure wool and designed by Claude Bleynie (b 1923).  It was made by the Manufacture Flipo in Roubaix, northern France. The company now produces high quality carpets in Aubusson.   It is entitled "Bouquet d'Oiseaux" and was made in the 1960s. The designers signature is shown on the lower right and the initials of the weaving company Jules Flipo JF can be seen bottom left. There were 500 of these made originally.  This example no longer has the piece of material stuck to the back of the work, giving its edition number. It is backed with cotton fabric and has rings with which it can be hung. It was woven on a Jacquard loom.


Size 142cm x 94 (56in x 37)

Price $800.00

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