Fiestaware Summer Range 1968
Torrefleur (Columbine) Fluted c1973
Fiestaware Honeysuckle 1970 Peter Tysoe
Fiestaware Mermaid Rose 1962

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Chance Glass Fiestaware Floral

Selection of Fiestaware by Chance Brothers.


1) Summer Range 1968 Red Rose Design Fluted Plate  9.5indiameter  Price: $20

2) Torrefleur (Columbine) 1973 Fluted Plate 9.5in diameter Price: $25

3) Small Boat Dish in Honeysuckle Design by Peter Tysoe 1970-4.5 x 5.25in. Price: $18

4)  Two Plates (8.25) + 6 small Plates (7in) in the Mermaid Rose design 1962/3. Price: $32

Price on request

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