Ruska Expresso Cups & Saucers
Ruska Lidded Sugar Bowl and Creamers
Ruska Tea Cup and Saucer
Ruska Gravy/Sauce Dish
Ruska Lipped Soup/Cereal bowls
Ruska Cereal Bowls

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Arabia Finland Ruska Dinnerware

Item No: B157

Designed by Ulla Procopé in 1960 and made from 1968 the stoneware 'Ruska' (Autumn Colours in Finnish) range is among Arabia's most succesful lines. Its attractiveness lies as much in the unique, mottled stoneware glaze, giving each piece an individual 'hand made' appearance, as in the highly sophisticated and well-conceived shapes. The concept of 'oven to tableware' emerged in the late 1950's and Arabia like many manufacturers across Europe and America introduced specally designed cooking and serving dishes in oven-proof, high temperature resistant material which were also good looking enough to be part of a dinner table setting. 

We usually have a range of Ruska series dinnerware in stock.  Please ask us if you are looking for anything in particular.  Cleaning Tip: If you wash your Ruska in the dishwasher, the Arabia logo printed on the base is usually washed away!  Also avoid using any scourer on the base as this has the same effect.

Espresso Cups and Saucers (7cm) - 8 Available - Price $10 per set

Lidded Sugar Bowl - (10cm) and Large Creamer $45. Small creamer $25.

Demi Tasse Cups and Saucers - 8 Available Price $10 per set

Tea Cups and Saucers (10cm) - 14 Available - Price $12 per set

Gravy/Sauce Boat - (14cm) -  Sold

Lipped Bowls - Sold

Cereal/Soup/Dessert  Bowl (19.5cm) - 4 Available $12 each

Large Tea Pot with Strainer - $130 Tall Coffee Pot (19cm) $70

Salad Plates (20cm) - 6 Available. Price $12 each.

Price on request

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