Libochovice Glashutte Lens Vase Vizner
Libochovice Glashutte Lens Vase

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Libochovice Glashutte Lens Vase

Item No: C166

Designed by Frantisek Vizner, one of the most prominent Czechoslovak designers. Vizner studied at the glass school in Zelezny Brod between 1953 and 1956, and later at the renowned School of Industrial Design in Prague (VSUP) between 1956-62 under the direction of Professors Karel and Josef Kaplicky Stipl. He later worked in Teplice (in northwestern Bohemia just south of German Dresden) where he designed pressed glass for Sklo Union until 1967, when he moved to Skrdlovice where he stayed until 1975. He decided to continue his career in the world of glass as an independent designer. The vase comes in several sizes in both matt and clear finishes.


Glass Lens Vase No 3236 designed by Frantisek Vizner for Libochovice Glasshütte circa 1962.  Stands 23cm high (9in) and has an alternate frosted lens pattern.


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