Louis Metenier Stoneware
Louis Metenier Stoneware
Louis Metenier Stoneware Vase

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Louis Metenier Stoneware

Item No: .A666

Three handled Stoneware vase in the style of Metenier.  Glazed in blues, browns and beige colours, this item is possibly from the workshop of Louis Metenier, which had been founded in the 1880’s in the town of Gannat, in central France. These early works were rarely (if ever) marked and not much is known about their production. In the 1920’s—probably around the time of Louis’s death—Gilbert, his son took over and began to mark his wares.  This vase has a mark, which has been identified as being that of Louis Metenier, but we have yet to confirm this attribution. Height: 15cm (6in)

Price $60.00

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